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Our team

Ecraid has been developed by a core team of representatives from European funded networks, projects and organisations, each of which has significant relevance to clinical research on infectious diseases and is centrally managed by the coordination team.


Ecraid is the first network of its kind in Europe that offers a single point of access to a pan-European clinical research network for infectious diseases.

900+ clinical laboratories
1,200+ hospital sites
250+ primary care sites
90 paediatric sites
14,000 beds in long-term care facilities


Ecraid stems from the EU-funded project ECRAID-Base. Over the five-year duration of Ecraid-Base, Ecraid will evolve into a self-sustaining, not-for-profit organisation conducting clinical research for both public and private sponsors. ECRAID-Base is the result of concerted efforts by key partners from COMBACTE and PREPARE, together with the (co-) coordinators of relevant European-funded projects, networks, and organisations.