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Advancing Clinical Research

The European Clinical Research Alliance for Infectious Diseases - Ecraid - advances clinical research in the field of infectious diseases by establishing a long-term, financially self-sustainable, clinical research network in Europe. Read more about ECRAID-Base.


Infectious Diseases pose a serious threat to global health and economies

Common infections, caused by known pathogens still have a large impact on global health, especially for vulnerable patient groups, leaving much ground to win by improving diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic strategies.

Ecraid is the first network of its kind in Europe to offer a single point of access to a pan-European clinical research network for infectious diseases. 

Why Ecraid?

An increased threat

Amplified by global trends such as population growth, increases in trade and travel, urbanisation, deforestation, and climate change, the (re)emergence of new pathogens in the last decades has led to an increased threat of:

  • AMR
  • SARS-CoV(-2)
  • MERS
  • SARS
  • H1N1
  • HIV
  • EHEC
  • Zoonosis
  • Ebola
  • Zika


Ecraid is the first network of its kind in Europe that offers a single point of access to a pan-European clinical research network of infectious diseases.

1,000 hospital sites
850 clinical laboratories
300 primary care sites
9,000 pediatric sites
14,000 beds in long-term care facilities

For who?

Society: people on escalator

Society and Patients

Ecraid is primarily concerned with the health of European citizens and those living in Europe. Our purpose is to reduce the impact of infectious diseases on individual and population health. Patients and those of risk of infectious diseases are the ultimate targeted beneficiaries of our services. The primary needs of patients and citizens at risk addressed by Ecraid are: 

  • The need for (better) protection against infectious diseases
  • The need for more patient-centred and acceptable clinical research processes
  • The need to have access to trustworthy, credible and accessible information about infectious diseases and the role of science in combatting them 

Infectious diseases pose a serious threat to global health and economies. Common infections, caused by known pathogens have a large impact on global health, especially to vulnerable patient groups, leaving much ground to win still, by improving diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic strategies.

Sectoren Research

Research & Healthcare

Academic researchers and healthcare providers are both beneficiaries of the clinical evidence generated by Ecraid’s clinical research, and they can play an active role as participant in Ecraid’s clinical research studies.

As beneficiaries, both academic researchers and healthcare providers can address their need for (faster) access to robust and rigorous clinical evidence on the clinical effectiveness of interventions for different patient groups. Academic researchers at their starting or mid-stage careers can use Ecraid as a steppingstone to the international clinical research arena on infectious diseases. 

Participation in Ecraid can offer easier, more direct and structural access to scientifically relevant large, multinational studies. 

Sectoren Inductry


Ecraid offers pharmaceutical companies and medical technology companies, from small start-ups to large multinationals, the capability to perform (parts of) their clinical research studies in support of the further development of their product pipelines. This way, these companies have ‘on-demand’, direct, single-point-of-access to a large, international high-quality clinical network. 

Multi-national flags on a wall


Ecraid offers fast and efficient access to rigorous evidence and data supporting the formulation of public health measures and policies to governmental organisations (international organisations, national health authorities). This includes high quality data on the epidemiology, prevalence, severity, and risk groups of infectious diseases threats and their causative pathogens, clinical data on treatments and treatment responses and other actionable information enabling better public health measures and policies. 

Such governmental organisations can assume various complementary roles in Ecraid, such as partners in the design and conduct of Ecraid’s clinical research, funders of clinical research studies conducted by Ecraid, users of the clinical evidence generated by our clinical research in their policy design.


Ecraid provides a coordinated approach in Europe, focusing on the efficient and effective development and implementation of clinical interventions against infectious diseases.

Pan-European Clinical Research Network

Ecraid offers access to a ‘warm base’ pan-European clinical research network experienced in delivering rapid, cost-efficient and high-quality clinical research. Get access to this unique network that can perform a wide range of 'on demand' clinical trials.

Clinical Research

Ecraid's core services comprise clinical research, supported by laboratory analyses, epidemiological analyses, statistical analyses, data management, biobanking, training, and public engagement. ecraid provides the full breadth of clinical studies on infectious diseases.

Supporting Services

Supporting our clinical research services, Ecraid offers laboratory research and biobanking, epidemiological research, statistical research, data management, training and public engagement services and rapid response services.

Rapid Response Research Services for Infectious Disease Threats

In the absence of any unusual infectious disease outbreaks in Europe, Ecraid operates in a so-called ‘inter-epidemic’ mode, providing clinical research and supporting services. During this ‘inter-epidemic mode’, emerging outbreaks of epidemic-prone infectious diseases can occur at any time, including those of potential public health concern to Europe.