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Ecraid offers access to a ‘warm-base’ pan-European academic clinical research network experienced in delivering rapid, cost-efficient and high-quality clinical research. Get access to this unique network that can perform a wide range of 'on demand' clinical trials.


Pan-European clinical research network

Ecraid facilitates clinical trials that can be completed much faster, more efficiently, and therefore at a lower cost. Ecraid's ultimate goal is to have an ongoing platform for trials for major diseases and symptoms in Europe. These networks will significantly benefit society in the face of antimicrobial resistance, emerging infectious diseases and pandemics.

Hospital Care Network
Paediatric Care Network
Laboratory Network
Primary Care Network
Long-term Care Facility Network

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Clinical research

The core service offering of Ecraid consists of clinical research supported by laboratory analyses, epidemiological analyses, statistical analyses, data management, biobanking, training, and public engagement. Ecraid will provide the full breadth of clinical studies on infectious diseases.

Types of studies: Observational and Interventional
Types of research: Prevention, Treatment, Diagnostic, Screening, Epidemiological, Quality of Life, Health Economics
Trial phases: Phase I - Phase IV


Supporting clinical research services

Supporting our clinical research services, Ecraid offers laboratory research and biobanking, epidemiological research, statistical research, data management, training and public engagement services and rapid response services.


Rapid response research services for infectious disease threats

In the absence of any unusual infectious disease outbreaks in Europe, Ecraid will operate in a so-called ‘inter-epidemic’ mode, providing clinical research and supporting services. During this ‘inter-epidemic mode’, emerging outbreaks of epidemic-prone infectious diseases can occur at any time, including those of potential public health concern to Europe.

We tailor our services to the needs of your clinical research study

Would you like to outsource the complete clinical trial process from design to execution? Or are you looking for an expert who can review and advise? Ecraid offers tailored services that fit your specific research needs and organization.

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