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RECOVERY trial activated in France, first patient enrolled

The RECOVERY trial activated its inaugural research site in France and has enrolled its first patient. The site activation at the Angers University Hospital Center (CHU Angers) marks the expansion of this international project into continental Europe, to test treatments that might be beneficial for patients hospitalised with influenza and non-viral community-acquired pneumonia.


First site activation milestone

Better treatments are needed to reduce mortality in patients hospitalised with influenza and community-acquired pneumonia, and the multi-national RECOVERY trial aims to do just that. Following the trial's extension in Europe, the RECOVERY operations team at Ecraid is pleased to announce that the trial has achieved the milestone of research site activation and enrolment of its first patient.

Eva Haanen, who is a junior project manager at Ecraid, states: "Site activation is a pivotal moment in a clinical trial, as it signifies the culmination of the trial’s start-up phase, which includes various preparatory activities, such as establishing protocol procedures, site training and obtaining regulatory approvals. We are now working closely with the Angers team to optimise trial delivery, as well as more hospitals in France, Italy and the Netherlands to activate their sites. Our aim is to get this trial up and running, so we can start generating impactful research outcomes.”  

Adaptive platform trials

Adaptive platform trials are gaining traction in clinical research, offering a dynamic and collaborative approach to studying various health conditions and treatments. At the Angers University Hospital Center in France, the RECOVERY trial is the hospital’s first venture into this novel trial approach. Local principal investigator Delphine Douillet expresses her team’s enthusiasm for gaining first-hand experience with this innovative trial methodology ‘from the inside’. 

Delphine Douillet
“As a well-established research team, we are committed to conducting high-quality research that is as open and as transparent, as possible. We anticipate that the adaptive methodology and the collaborative aspect of this trial will offer valuable insights should a new respiratory pathology emerge, and help advance our knowledge and therapies for the most common respiratory diseases.

– Delphine Douillet, Associate Professor at the Angers University Hospital Center's Emergency Medicine department. 

Next to this, Delphine and her team are currently engaged in research on venous thromboembolism and optimising emergency care protocols. Through their participation in adaptive platform trials like RECOVERY, their endeavours are helping to shape and advance clinical research for new treatments and beyond.


The Angers University Hospital Center is part of Ecraid’s ‘warm-base’ network. To find out how you can be part of our clinical research network, visit


About the RECOVERY project

The RECOVERY trial was initiated in the UK in 2020 and aims to identify treatments that might be beneficial for patients hospitalised with severe COVID-19 and influenza. After having recruited over 48,000 participants in the UK, Asia, and Africa, RECOVERY is taking advantage of Ecraid's expertise and warm-base clinical research network to begin enrolling patients in France, Italy, and the Netherlands, with plans to extend to other European countries. Read more…