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42 sites
15 countries
2,500 Enrolled patients and counting

Complicated Urinary Tract Infections (cUTI) are a leading cause of hospital admission and antibiotic use. These infections are more and more often caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria, especially among patients with functional or structural abnormalities and/or of advanced age. Due to emerging antimicrobial resistance (AMR), there is a loss of effective oral antibiotics resulting in prolonged hospital admissions for intravenous treatment, increased healthcare costs, and a reduced quality of life associated with cUTI. Preventive strategies such as vaccines, and the development of rapid diagnostics, could greatly reduce the health and economic impact of cUTIs. 

The primary objective of this study is to provide an infrastructure capable of rapidly implementing randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and other clinical studies related to the treatment of cUTI.  The secondary objectives include descriptive analyses related to patient characteristics, complications, outcomes, and risk factors.

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SEPTEMBER 2023 • Patient #1000 was enrolled at University Hospital of Lyon, France. Congratulations to the local team led by Prof. Laurent Jacquin.

JUNE 2023 • Patient #500 was enrolled at General Hospital Vrbas, Serbia. Congratulations to the local team led by Prof. Gorana Dragovac.

OCTOBER 2022 • The study began patient inclusion at its first active site: Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena. This is major milestone for the team and the ECRAID-Base project.

APRIL 2022 • Forty-three sites from 16 countries have been selected to participate in the Perpetual Observational Study among patients with complicated Urinary Tract Infections (POS-cUTI). Two of those sites have already obtained ethics approval. With key documents expected to be finalised soon, the study is getting closer to its goal of addressing relevant research questions for the treatment of cUTI and facilitating the rapid and effective implementation of randomized controlled trials infrastructure for the treatment of this disease.

Patient enrolment data

European UnionThis study is being conducted under the ECRAID-Base project which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 965313.