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7 Active sites in continental Europe
10 Patients enrolled in cont. Europe
49,000 Patients enrolled worldwide

RECOVERY is an international clinical trial identifying treatments that may be beneficial for people hospitalised with pneumonia. Set up by the University of Oxford, it was launched in the UK in March 2020 to identify treatments that might be beneficial for patients hospitalised with COVID-19. To date, the trial has recruited over 49,000 participants, extended to six countries across Asia and Africa, and provided conclusive evidence on 13 potential treatments for severe COVID-19.

Ecraid is partnering with the University of Oxford and UMC Utrecht to broaden RECOVERY's reach to continental Europe, applying its simple design to the assessment of treatments for seasonal influenza (flu), a disease which is estimated to kill between 290,000 and 650,000 people every year.


A range of promising but unproven treatments are being evaluated in RECOVERY. The treatments being tested depend on the cause of pneumonia. For patients with pneumonia caused by influenza the list includes oseltamivir (an antiviral treatment), baloxavir (an antiviral treatment), and corticosteroids. For patients with pneumonia caused by other organisms (often referred to as 'community-acquired pneumonia' or CAP), corticosteroids are being evaluated.

In Europe, RECOVERY is now evaluating oseltamivir and corticosteroids. Baloxavir is planned to be added as a study treatment soon.

Data from the trial are regularly reviewed so that any effective treatment can be identified quickly and made available to all patients. Refer to the trial's news page for results that RECOVERY has found. The trial team constantly reviews information on new drugs and may include promising ones in the trial in future.

Participating sites

In Europe, RECOVERY currently enrols patients in sites in France and the Netherlands, with Italy expected to start recruitment soon. 

The team is working to expand the trial's reach to more European countries and sites.

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RECOVERY’s assessment of treatments for flu is funded by Flu Lab which supports efforts to advance innovative solutions to persistent problems in the prevention and treatment of influenza.