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European Clinical Research Alliance on Infectious Diseases: Primary care adaptive platform trial for pandemics and epidemics.


ECRAID-Prime is organised into eight Work Packages (WPs), which form the backbone of our ambitious project.
Here we introduce the WPs and the persons driving each topic:

WP1 ORG: Management and Organisation

Encompasses the Project Management and Network Coordination (ORG) activities, including the supporting activities of central organisational, managerial and coordinating activities, for the network as a whole.


To develop the master protocol for ECRAID-Prime, and oversee the selection of sites and evaluation of up to four candidate therapeutic agents (in Phase I and/or Phase II).

  • Led by UMCU: Alike van der Velden and Roderick Venekamp
  • University of Oxford: Christopher Butler (PI), Ly-Mee Yu, Jane Holmes, Gail Hayward, Emily Bongard, Nguyen Tran and Binitha Paruthickal 
  • Ecraid: Marc Bonten, Ilse Rietveld and Bas Hullegie 

WP3 LAB: Laboratory Research             

To build, maintain and train a fully operational laboratory network of sites, and develop SOPs, lab manuals and protocols for the trial.

WP4 DATA: Data Management

To develop the project’s Data Management Plan (DMP) and a clinical trial data management strategy optimised ‘by design’ for the trial, in terms of outcome measures, data standards, data quality, and data capture.

  • Led by UMCU: Frank Leus and Lisanne Vintcent
  • ECRIN: Jacques Demotes and Sareema Javaid 

WP5 TRAIN: Training & Capacity Strengthening

To coordinate training activities in line with the OPERATES criteria for the clinical research and laboratory network, with extra focus on earlier phase research.

WP6 COM: Communication & Dissemination

To oversee Communication and Dissemination activities including engaging with key stakeholders and clinical and laboratory networks, and publishing project results to promote uptake and ensure optimal impact.

WP7 ETHICS: Ethics Requirements

To ensure compliance with the ethics requirements set out in this work package.

WP8 COLLAB: Coordination of the European COVID-19 Adaptive Platform Trials

To ensure the optimal coordination of trials in the EU and other countries, as well as provide a single entryway for new study arms in the European COVID-19 adaptive platform trials.