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Ecraid COVID-19


Wilt u meer weten over deze Long COVID trial?

Though robust data on the prevalence of Long COVID is limited, researchers have found that 2,8% of the total population of the United Kingdom suffers from self-reported Long COVID symptoms. Extrapolated to Europe, this leaves more than 20 million people with what can be a life-changing illness, sometimes for years. Yet there are no clinically supported treatments for Long COVID.

RECLAIM is an adaptive platform trial that aims to evaluate the efficacy and safety of multiple potential treatments for Long COVID symptoms simultaneously. Participation in the trial will be fully remote, with patient enrolment planned for the second half of 2024. 

The RECLAIM team includes patients, caregivers, doctors, community leaders, and researchers from across the Netherlands. The trial is conducted under the oversight of UMC Utrecht and is managed by Ecraid.


The researchers are conducting the preliminary administrative phase of the research with funding from the Long COVID Foundation, a Dutch non-profit organisation promoting and funding research focused on Long COVID.

Funding for the later phases of the trial is provided by ZonMV through the Post-COVID Expertise Network Netherlands. This network is committed to research on the nature, treatments, and prevention of Long COVID symptoms.